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Complementary Cancer Support Program

What is a Complementary Cancer Support Program?

Complementary cancer support uses a combination of movement and bodywork to assist an individual in supporting their greatest level of health and wellness, while on their cancer journey.  The program is available for the following three phases;

The Preparatory Phase – Support the decision making process and the emotional component of a cancer diagnosis by utilizing exercise and bodywork to manage stress and to create the physical strength and range of motion needed for sustaining mobility throughout the traditional therapy process. 

The Action Phase – The goal of the Action Phase is to feel as well as possible through treatment.  Exercise is supported with a “do what you can, when you can” attitude, with the intent to remain as active as possible.  The type of medical treatment that is provided and the level of fatigue, blood cells count levels, and additional side effects, will drive the decision making process for your movement and bodywork sessions.

The Recovery Phase and Beyond – Recovery is about learning to work within the new parameters of your post-treatment body with exercise and yoga, and to support the emotional sense of wholeness through bodywork. Exercise programming will include safe progressions for individuals post-mastectomy through the completion of reconstruction, those at risk of upper or lower body lymphedema, and for individuals with ongoing fatigue, general weakness, neuropathy or changes in balance.

This program is meant to complement the traditional treatment protocols agreed upon by the individual and his/her physician(s).  Referral to physical therapists, nutritionists and palliative care specialists will occur as necessary.









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